fredag 28 september 2012

Warvictims live! (UPDATED AGAIN!)

Yeah, it´s true, Warvictims will play live for the first time ever this november!

Three gigs are confirmed:
08/11 - Liwi, Leipzig (w/ Earth Crust Displacement)
09/11 - Eckladen, Dresden 
(w/ Earth Crust Displacement)
10/11 - Köpi, Berlin (w/ Human Risk, Runtime Error)

So if you wanna see this spectale live you better get your ass to Germany and get your fix of d-beat destruction cause you never know IF and where we gonna play live again.

Cheers / Warvictims

Warvictims/Skunk split 7" out soon!

We got the news a little while back that finally our split 7" with Skunk is to be released soon on Scull crasher/Chronic Disease.

Warvictims have three songs on it:
"Exekutionsordern", "Välkomna Döden" and "Blodigt Krig".

Recorded as early as 2008 during the same session as the songs on our "Bellum se ipsum alet" 7", but never released until now for different reasons.

Scull Crasher put the 7" on their bancamp, so check it out here:
and keep your eyes open for the split when it arrives!