torsdag 29 mars 2012


Because we have a free bandcamp page, we have only 200 free downloads every month. They all disappeared very quickly yesterday, and therefore is now bandcamp (NOT Warvictims) taking money for our songs. This is what they wrote us in an email:

"Greetings Warvictims,
Your Bandcamp account comes with 200 downloads per month of tracks or albums that you're giving away. You currently have 0 download credits remaining. We'll bump that back up to 200 on 4/23/12. To learn more, or to purchase more download credits, click here"

We did what we could and we had no idea about this. We are truly sorry. But please DON'T BUY ANY SONGS NOR ALBUMS, it's bandcamp who will get the money not Warvictims.
The whole idea was to give em all away for free. This fucking corrupted capitalistic system! We don't support greed and neither should you! And we can't afford to upgrade the page either. 
Monday 23/4 we have another 200 new free downloads. Better be faster next time boys and girls. At least you can listen to em all for free until then.

We thought this would be great, to collect all songs so it would be so much easier for punx to find all tracks and download em at one place instead of searching around like hell. If anyone have a better idea how to solve this mail us.
//War Camp

6 kommentarer:

  1. Ett tips, gör som vi och fixa en soundcloud sida. Där kan man ladda ner hur mycket som helst verkar det som.

    / Stefan

  2. slängde upp en länk till er blogg också på vår
    bara satt ni vet
    / Stefan

    1. Vi känner till soundcloud, och har använt det när det gäller andra projekt, men soundcloud erbjuder inte samma design vad det gäller omslag och liknande, det är dessutom inte gratis efter att man har laddat upp över 120 min, och vi vill helst slippa betala om vi kan för att ladda upp musik...

      /Jocke A, Warre

    2. Tackar för spridningen också!

      /Samma som ovan...

  3. Det funkas inte idag heller.. Förrrrrrrbannat!

    /En fogde som inte orkar rippa sina warrevinyler

  4. Hello - if you want to distribute music for free that is awesome, however, a much better solution would be to create torrents and share it on Pirate Bay - I am happy to help seed them. Running Bandcamp costs the owners money (even if they were a non-profit), whereas torrents are supported by the people that download!