onsdag 28 mars 2012

Welcome to the home of Warvictims

Since myspace got fucked up we decided to move on with a new place where we can share as much info about the past and future of Warvictims as possible. It's still under construction, but we're not in a rush, so be patient and check back once in a while if you're intrested. It should be finished soon enough.

We have also fixed a BANDCAMP, we're you can listen and download all of our released songs for free. Over 120 tracks, go bananas!

Warvictims is not the most active band around, but hopefully if things go the way we planned a new recording will take place later this year. This site will work more like a homepage than a blog, so we won't update with new posts each day. Only if there's any news, upcoming records and such.

Up the punx!
/ Warvictims, 12-03-28.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Every release on the bandcamp page has a $5 download charge, which contradicts "download all of our released songs for free" obviously. Not sure if there's been a mistake somewhere?

    1. We didn't set up any paypal account, I don't even think anyone of us has an paypal account to start with. The idea was to upload all our records for free, and wouldn't it be stupid of us to tell people NOT to pay for the songs if we wanted money???

      I don't even know what kind of money you can make on a couple of songs, and it's not intresting either. There should be better and faster ways to earn money than on a few lousy punktunes...

      If people don't believe this they can go to hell for all I care since this was a genuine wish from our side to spread our music for free. I really hope people understand we're a sincere band that never has had any desire to make money on this band. It's annoying if anyone out there get the wrong idea and think this was a deliberate choice we made. It's not what punk is all about for any of us.

      As I said, people just have to wait to the end of april and don't snooze when the songs are avaible for free again, meanwhile we will check if there's any options. But if not, this have to be the way we have to do it...

      /Jocke A, Warvictims

  2. That is strange cause we clicked "free" on each and every song? On my computer there is no $5 charge? Not sure if we misunderstand you, but ALL songs should be for free. We don't want any money, we just wanted to make it easy for everyone who wanna download all of your songs. Now they just need to find this page and download em all. Please tell us more. We're not to good with computers, it might have been some mistake, that's out of our control.